• Click Here to open the Infinity Downline sign-up page. I (Decarlo Bogard) will be your sponsor. You can’t join Infinity Downline without a sponsor. 
  • Scroll down until you see a big black button that says “Infinity Downline/Join Now” button. Click it.
  • Fill out your information that you see on the right hand side
  • Login with your username and password. You will end up on the members area page.
  • Click the “Click Here to Start the Payment Process” button. You will pay your $25 via Paypal
  • Once you’re all set, go to and click on one of the tabs at the top. [TRAINING SITE]
  • Login with username: teamwise ; password: wisemember
  • Start with the first tab! (Very Important)
  • And Click here if you wont to no how to use Blogger